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We are is your educational blog developed for our loving users. We are considering with Privacy of our visitors. We have seen thousands of users are following our educational tutorials for their knowledge purpose. Our privacy Policy is important to all users who are interesting with this amazing blog. privacy policy is much more important to all of us. This document shows our users privacy and personal information collection and how we are collecting, Keeping, purpose of these information.

What type of information we are collecting ? We are only collecting users name and email address to support  guides for users. Actually we are not sharing these information with third parties. Why we are collecting information ? This is only to give better solution for users. Our users are messaging us with their application installation trouble. We like to help any guide related this blog posts. Our team will reply as soon as possible for all users, Perhaps this will be reply will be late with the time.

We are collecting information from your messages and comments. Actually we are not keeping your personal information. Your feedback is import to us, Therefore, Please message with your thought with

What Types of Data Collected  Us?

Personal Data

Your personal data is use only to identify our users. We are collection only following personal information from our users. Actually all of these information are use only for user satisfaction.

  • Email address
  • User name
  • Website

Your website name is not important to us.. Most users do not have website and we are only using email address and user name to identify users.

Usage Data

We are using Google Analytics to monitor our website. This is mainly using to monitor this blog users. We need to thanks for Google team to release this amazing methods for users. Google Analytics we are following these information to give better result.

  • Page users visited
  • Your country and how users are visiting our blog
  • Time and date
  • Browse and operating system users have use to follow us

Cookies Data

We are not using cookies for tracking.

How do we protect information ?

As we said earlier, We are not selling information to other parties. Also we are not sharing your email/user name with third parties.

We are not collecting users personal information like credit card numbers or paypal account information. We are not selling any product for users. This is only tutorial based website developed for users.

We have given external website link to give better result for users. We have given external websites are not operated by us. We are unable to get any responsibility for other websites. Therefore, Please follow their privacy policies before use any information with them. If you found any broken link or unwanted things with external websites, Please message or comment to us. Our team is much more alert to with users. Your feedback is much more important to us.

Please do not share your personal security information like credit card with third party sites. Our privacy policies are important to us.

External Links

These links are given only for your knowledge purpose. Please follow third party websites carefully, because we are unable to control other websites. You need to browse other websites with your own risk.

Use of Data is only using data for following purposes. We are highly concern with quality of our service. So users are important to us.

  • Maintain our service
  • Notify users and share our experience with loving users
  • Support for our visitors
  • Monitor and usage of the service

We are using Google adsense to maintain our blog. This is using to maintain our services.

Privacy Policy Updates is updating privacy policy to give quality service for our loving users. We are willing to notify from this page with any update. Please review privacy policy periodically. We are happy with our loving users and their feedback.

Last Updated on March 01st 2021

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